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Single Mom In Need of Help

babygirl_31 started this conversation

Hi I am a single mom of 3. I have been staying in hotels for about 2 years without a job. It was hard but by the grace of god I made it through. I am looking for any type of donations or information to keep me stable. I am currently looking for employment and trying to go back to school. I just recently gotten my income taxes back and took that money and I finally moved out of a hotel with my kids and into a home. The rent is 9oo/month and the first is coming back around and I have not found a job yet. I am also trying to get my daughters dad on childsupport (in the navy) but havent had any luck with that either(she is 11 years old). I also have a 1 year old and a 4 month of old. If their anybody out their that wouldnt mind helping me out please do so, whether or not if it is money or information that can help me out. I stay in Stone Mountain, Ga.

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